It is great that you have found me! And to let you know who I am, I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Jutta, happily married since 2002 to my second husband, Karl-Heinz, and now living in Karlsruhe. He has brought me from Hessen to the Baden-Land. I have my very special daughter, Vanessa, (* 1981, from first marriage, she walks on her own feet through Frankfurt), and my second daughter, Ramona, (* 1993, from my husbands first marriage). She is the one who enriches our household with life and action.


My hobby is to be creative! I am always searching to find materials, ideas or purpose in order to create something new. My husband knew about my inventive inclinations, but I don't believe he was aware of the actual creative influence it has on our family life. Now he knows it for sure.

Off and on I am still working on my doll house, built in 1990, that we have added to. Finally, there is also a creative craft room, a workout room and a bathroom. Now, the interior must be finished. Ramona wants to embroider a beaded rug for me for the living room!!! A few quilts are still missing, and the garden is screaming for attention. Now, we all are tied into this project, in one way or the other. Updated picture shown on my Creatitis-Page.



I should not leave unmentioned the many, many UFO’s, (Un-Finished Objects made from fabrics and other materials),
files and patterns just waiting to be tried.
But life is just not fair; a day simply does not have enough hours – at least for me.  



Even if it will be difficult for me to part with many of my crafts, nevertheless I have decided to sell them. Please visit my bazaar. Maybe you will find a small gift or simply treat yourself to something made with TLC. I will also share some of the patterns with you.



Just take a stroll through my pages. And if you have enjoyed them, I would be tremendously happy if you posted an entry on my visitors’ page! If you have questions or suggestions, I look forward to receiving mail from you.

And now relax and enjoy......


J u t t a





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