I keep my tables full of needlework and quilting
so I don't have to dust them!




Fire Fighter Quilt

- Redwork, also called “2 Hours to Karlsruhe“, Blocks stitched during train-travel


May Wreath

- Counted Cross-Stitch


Bath Mat

- Converted Redwork


Barrette Box

- Plastic Canvas

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Cosmetic Case 1997


Mein erstes Stickobjekt

- Lesezeichen

Hessian Counted Cross Stitch 1995


Jeans 1

Jeans 2

Jeans 3


Kleenex Box

Vanessa 1996

Malen mit Nadel und Faden

- Tür 1


Malen mit Nadel und Faden

- Tür 2

Sampler 2004

Town of Butzbach

- Gobelin, gift of my parents as memory of my hometown



Cloth Bag

- for holiday or hospital stays / Counted Cross Stitch



My surprise work for my daughter Vanessa’s 30th birthday


Vanessa’s bridal embellishment

– made from lace from her great-grandmother Else Hildebrand, sewn together and hand-embroidered with pearls


18 ct. Christmas Bow



In and out - up and down - over and over - we stitch
colour by colour - bit by bit - thick and thin - we stitch
tick and tack - time goes by - fingers tingle - we stitch
For the feeling - accomplishment - pride... we stitch

"In My Work Box" by Jennifer S.


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