Sewing basket

Here you will find my sewing machine results. Many of the projects were made during classes at the Ev. Familienbildung in Giessen/Germany. At this point I heartily greet the world-best and dearest course-leader from the bottom of my heart: Mrs. Toni Mathes and in quiet commemoration her husband, who made and/or altered many of my sewing aids. In his footsteps my husband now tries to walk. I don't want to forget my dear friend Ricarda Menk, who bravely walked/drove to many of the classes, and also stood beside me during the many ups and downs of my chaotic life. Still we can’t clarify, who of us dragged the other into which course. We have taken many classes together and everyone knowing us, knows how much fun we had. We had good times and I do hope, we can repeat them despite the state distance at least once a year.



Diaper-Stacker & Matchbag

Musical Star


my first quilt


Grandmothers Flower Garden

- hand-sewn and quilted / used to be old aprons / repaired too often


Crazy Roses

- scraps

Vanessa’s Quilt

- Seminole Technique



- Fabric from Gisela Matlach


Star of Bethlehem

- Short cut technique


Jutta's Pillow

- Paper-Pieced / Scraps


Ramona's Pillow

- Paper-Pieced / from Noah’s Ark ******

*** partially sewn
         by Ramona

Kalle's Pillow

-  Machine Trapunto


Kalle's Quilt

- Kalle planned this one with
EQ4 / Paper-Pieced


World Map

- Paper-Pieced /
from Scraps /
Center with Transfer


Cat Chase

-  with Heat ’n’ Bond – now in Vanessa’s care


Flower Gift

- with Heat ’n’ Bond – now in Vanessa’s care



- with Heat ’n’ Bond
– now in Vanessa’s care



-  with Heat ’n’ Bond



- with Heat ’n’ Bond / JSR-Design



- with Heat ’n’ Bond


Apple Life

now our memo board



- own design


Advent Calendar

- guaranteed calorie free


X-mas Kaleidoskop

-  Short Cut Technique


X-Mas Circle

- Short Cut Technique


Baby Blocks

- Short Cut Technique



-  Short Cut Technique


Rose Quilt

- and hand quilted in 2 years


Jeans Quilt

- Scraps


Quilt Heart

- Scraps



- Quilted Mini-Panels


Sue & Sam

- different application-possibilities



paper-pieced and sewn with hand-dyed fabrics



- also paper-pieced and sewn with hand-dyed fabrics


Silk quilt

- self-coloured silk and sewn on screens


Townhouse pillow

-  just like the other pillows sewn on paper



- new way for appliqué



- short-cut technique



-  Scraps at work


Celtic Babies

-  knot worked with Bias tape, Babies are appliquéd


Sunflower application

- Vanessa’s favorite flower in her apartment


Calendar Quilt

-  My straw - planned and appliquéd during life crisis




Travel-bag with matching beauty-bag


Quilt to look through





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