Family album




Here is my husband Karl-Heinz (named Kalle). He always looks serious (however it is only camouflage). He is a very nice. He especially looks skeptical if I am having another one of those creative brainstorms. But I am sure, after a few years, he also has gotten used to my way of thinking around the corner.



I would like to introduce at least a part of my family. Not all could be photographed up to now, but I will catch them one of these days. And this is no threat - but a promise...............  

This is she - the one and only (drum-whirl) - my daughter VANESSA, who looks as if she can tarnish no
water – (do no harm -) however, she is her mother’s daughter unequivocally. And of this fact, and of her, I am very proud. Together we are an unbeatable team.
Wonderful that you are here!!!!


My parents Marga and Winfried Hildebrand - for everyone simply Oma (grandma) and Opa (grandpa). They are quite special, but I am sure everyone thinks this way about their parents. I know, I owe them a lot and I am very fortunate for all the help they have given me all those years. Unfortunately, my father passed away after a short, serious illness on April 8, 2005. We all miss him very much; he has left many lasting impressions and even more gaps...... he is missed sorely by all of us.

Ramona - my daughter with the terrible S word. (We avoid the Step reference whenever we can). She is the most recent victim of my creativity. Ramona shows much creative potential, but it is still hidden inside of her. However, I am very patient. In years to come, one will see my creative influence with her also. Together we are unbearable)..... so my husband says.










Mirko - my first and oldest godchild. Unfortunately I was not able to see much of him during his childhood.
I am very happy that we have more contact now.


Denis - my second godchild. With him I could, and did, make the biggest influence. And this is why I am also his favorite Goti (godmother). I say only "Jahaha ". For him I even watched handball once in awhile!!!




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