Accompany me on a tour through my creative world. Although my main interest is working with fabric, I also try all everything else. Sometimes successful, other less.
But please judge for yourself.........


Cry Baby

- these Kiddos never move away
(sorry only size 2T / 3T)


Doll House

- I made furniture also, another level is added


Snake Bowl




Kitchen Wreath


Kitty Bear

-  first and last attempt to paint


Seed Box

- Wood burning



- I try everything


Memo Board

-  Jigsaw



- Plaster


wooden game boards




- another way of wreath making with the inexhaustible offerings from the neighbours garden


iPad Winter Pullover

Excursion into the world of knitting



- Fabric scrap playing for the leaves



- norwegian doll 

Quilted Bowl

- size approx. 16x5 cm

Rose Pillow

- Size approx. 35x15 cm

Crayon Girl

- groched


MugRug Mouse Pad


Gift Box

- a special case for special gifts


Cloth Pin Baf

- Paper-pieced

Kalle's Aquarium

- Glass Fusing

Glass Boy

- Glass Fusing

Magnet Puzzle

- has little magnets inside

Measuring Tape Cottage


Coin Cottage



- Play rug with pictures of his family, godparents and big friends


- felted doll



- Painted rock with Indian story teller


Coffee Cozy


iPad Sleeve


Bike Flag


Purse Organizer

 a real terrific helper for hassle-free purse changes





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